It must go without stating, but discussion or marketing of such a thing unlawful isn’t permitted and will bring about getting you prohibited

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It must go without stating, but discussion or marketing of such a thing unlawful isn’t permitted and will bring about getting you prohibited

Email address

We really do not enable anyone to upload private information for general public show, such as unique personal information, but specially other people’s. Violations of other people’s privacy will result in a ban.

It certainly is advisable that you be mindful when trading contact tips. An indication of a scammer, artificial profile, or somebody to no good happens when they are in a hurry to offer their own offsite communications tips too rapidly. This may be because they need your far from OkCupid so they are able carry on speaking with you despite we prohibit them, or they truly are sharing another person’s call info for revenge on it.

Dona€™t promote your own telephone number completely prematurely – If you keep correspondence on dating internet site, then you’re a great deal more shielded. If consumer was found becoming a scammer or features some other terrible research against all of them then you may look at profile vanish quickly– that is probably because we have prohibited them. If a person vanishes and re-appears under another identity, definitely a very terrible sign. We prohibit men and women once and for all explanations. When you have provided all of them your contact number or escort in Pasadena TX email address too soon you then wona€™t see if there is banned all of them.

If something sounds peculiar in regards to the means some body was trading get in touch with information, or if these are typically demonstrating an unknown number or email prominently on their profile or photo, be sure to document.

Illegal attitude

It should go without stating, but topic or promotion of everything unlawful is not let and certainly will produce acquiring your banned. This consists of unlawful intimate functions, medication working, fraud, threats, or anything that’s illegal. We do not put up with almost any discussion about underage sex, such as dd/lg fancy.

Minors/ under 18

You should be 18 to make use of OkCupid. We really do not enable minors to utilize OkCupid. Although all profiles best make it easier to submit an age over 18, occasionally individuals will sit regarding their years. If you suspect a profile of being from a person that is actually under 18, please report these to all of us.

When we pick anyone to be knowingly participating in improper conversation with someone who has unveiled by themselves to-be under 18, we’re going to also prohibit that visibility.


If a photograph is completely removed you’ll end up emailed and advised this particular keeps happened and warned that recurring offenses might get you prohibited. This alert isn’t really a fake one, and we’ll prohibit your bank account for numerous infractions.

Offsite conduct

We perform bar for serious offsite attitude. Kindly document any cases of offsite misuse, assault, harassment, stalking, thieves, or anything else illegal or which makes you’re feeling risky. (notice: we’ll perhaps not inform anyone you are reporting to you which you have reported them or precisely why these people were reported).

In such cases, we inspire you to definitely reach out to police force also, whom we’re going to cooperate with in which needed.


Kindly allow us to by revealing something or anyone that cannot adhere the society advice.

It is possible to document a visibility by clicking the 3 dots symbol to bring up a report option. More descriptive information are here.

An email on bogus revealing: oftentimes we will exclude a merchant account when we’ve found it to be creating false states against more consumers. This may involve flagging/reporting trans or nonbinary consumers for no need other than their unique sex or direction, false/ constructed research of worst actions, etc.

A final notice: While all of our society advice manage many instances of moderator actions, it isn’t an exhaustive list, so we do retain the directly to ban individuals from OkCupid for any reason when we read fit.

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