Virgin Casino Bonus Code Tips: How to Unlock the Welcome Bonus

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Virgin Casino Bonus Code Tips: How to Unlock the Welcome Bonus

  • Go to the Virgin casino website
  • Click the Join Now button at the top of the website
  • Fill out the casino sign up form
  • Enter in promotional code BONUS10
  • Submit the form
  • Submit your first deposit
  • Verify your email
  • Sign in and play

To start, the registration process, players must visit the website and click on the yellow Join Now button at the top of the screen. Once that button is selected, it’s possible to go through the rest of the registration process in just a few minutes. A webform will open up with a few short sections for information. Fill out each of the sections accurately, making sure to enter the promotional code or a referral code if either of those are egt casino available. Finish filling out the form, double-check the information, and submit it to start working toward the different Virgin casino offers.

With the form submitted, it’s time to make a real money deposit to get the account started. This step only takes a few moments and will result in getting your account ready to gamble with. Choose a deposit method you’re comfortable with, and you’re ready to go. Finish the registration process by checking the email sent by Virgin Casino, and the account is all set to begin wagering. Sign in and play.

Virgin Casino Bonus Conditions in Detail

The Virgin Casino promo code welcome bonus offer is a simple one to unlock and can be used by every new player at the site. Anyone that’s getting started at the casino should take full advantage of the offer to bet bigger and more confidently. The offer is initiated the moment a gambler signs up and makes a $10 or greater deposit into their account. With the deposit made, the player has seven days to wager and be protected by the wager insurance. During this period, the casino calculates the total net loss generated by gambling at the site, and this money will be paid back by the casino promo up to $100.

For anyone that loses less than 90% of their total balance, they will get back their net loss exactly up to $100 in total. For players that lose more than 90% of their initial deposit, they will get back 100% of the deposit amount or up to $100. That means a gambler that deposits $100 and loses over $90 can get $100 back from the bonus offer even if they didn’t lose that much. In this way, new players can make a slight profit from the Virgin online casino promo code offer when carefully planned.

After the seven-day period, the game promotion amount will be credited within the next few days. It’s put straight into the account, and the money is immediately cashable. There are no wagering requirements to unlock the funds, and they can be withdrawn from the account right away if that’s what the player wants to do. Poker, slots, and other games can all be used for the 2022 promo to help reinforce confidence.

New players are encouraged to use the casino promo to make big, bold wagers and to try and get a big win from the casino. Of course, this can backfire and lead to losing the whole balance, but up to $100 is covered and will be credited back thanks to the offer, which makes it easier to try for a big win.

Bonus & Condition details

Most gamblers spend time trying to figure out how to meet the wagering requirements of a casino bonus offer, but that’s not an issue at Virgin casino because there are no wagering requirements on the welcome bonus. Instead, gamblers should spend time understanding the bonus and figuring out how to make the most of it.

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