I have a loan with Sky Trail Cash in the amount of 896

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I have a loan with Sky Trail Cash in the amount of 896

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

54 and the interest rate is % which means I will pay back $3,. WOW. I just noticed on the website it states the following: SKYTRAILCASH DOES NOT LEND TO RESIDENTS OF ALASKA, ARIZONA, ARKANSAS, CALIFORNIA, COLORADO, CONNECTICUT, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (D.C.), GEORGIA, ILLINOIS, KENTUCKY, MAINE, PSHIRE, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, NORTH CAROLINA, OREGON, PENNSYLVANIA, VERMONT, VIRGINIA, WEST VIRGINIA, OR WISCONSIN. So, being that I live in CA why was I allowed to take out this loan. I had NO IDEA. ….and they do not follow our laws but we have to follow the high interest rate of the Indian Tribe?? WOW. And the threats and all the horrible treatment that I read from other borrowers by these people is so sad. They should be ashamed of themselves. I WISH I NEVER TOOK OUT A LOAN FROM THIS PLACE.

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Although not required to do so, as a courtesy, the Company will reach out to the customer with an offerto resolve their loan.

On , I was issued a loan from Ningodwaaswi, LLC d/b/a Sky Trail Cash for $700. To date, I have paid $. Ningodwaaswi, LLC d/b/a Sky Trail Cash expects an additional six payments of $. If I make the eight payments, I will pay $ for a $700 loan. Per South Carolina law (where I reside), payday loan lenders can only charge up to $15 per $100. On a $700 loan, the fees collected should be $105. If I pay a total of $, I will repay the $700 PLUS $ in interest. I will pay MORE in interest than the loan. I will pay $ more than allowed by South Carolina law. Ningodwaaswi, LLC d/b/a Sky Trail Cash is a predatory payday loan lender hiding behind Tribal laws. Payments are due on paydays. The interest being charged according to documents is %. %. This coupled with the payments due on paydays classifies Ningodwaaswi, LLC d/b/a Sky Trail Cash as a PREDATORY payday loan lender. Ningodwaaswi, LLC d/b/a Sky Trail Cash preys on individuals in dire financial situations and profits astronomically and excessively on those situations. It is DISGUSTING and CRIMINAL. I will repay the $700 loan. To date, my balance due on that is $. I will pay that $ plus the $105 in allowed fees for a total of $. I will NOT, however, pay $ per payday. I will settle this matter with the payment schedule outlined below: 19 Oct: $50 2 Nov: $50 16 Nov: $50 30 Nov: $50 14 Dec: $50 28 Dec: $50 11 Jan: $50 25 Jan: $50 8 Feb: $ All payments as outlined above will be made by check mailed to Ningodwaaswi, LLC d/b/a Sky Trail Cash. “Companies” like Ningodwaaswi, LLC d/b/a Sky Trail Cash which prey on individuals under hardship conditions must be stopped or, at the very least, strictly regulated. These companies cause spirals of financial hardships for individuals ALREADY facing financial hardship. I will continue to file complaints until a FAIR settlement is reach. My paying % in interest is hardly fair.

The interest and fees applicable to the loan were permitted byTribal law and they were accurately and clearly reflected in the loan agreement that the customer signedbefore receiving the loan

This responds to the above-referenced complaint. This inquiry related to a loan from NingodaaswiLLC dba Sky Trail Cash (the “Company”), which is owned by the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake SuperiorChippewa Indians (“Tribe”). The Company takes these types of inquiries very seriously and would like toprovide you with the below information. However, nothing in this communication should be construedas a waiver of the Tribe’s or the Company’s sovereign immunity, all of which are expressly preserved.The Company is a wholly-owned and operated subsidiary of LDF Holdings, LLC (“LDF Holdings”).LDF Holdings is a wholly-owned and operated subsidiary of the L.D.F. Business Development Corporation,which is a wholly-owned and operated economic arm and instrumentality of the Tribe. The Tribe is afederally recognized Indian tribe, organized under a Constitution pursuant to the Indian ReorganizationAct of 1934, 48 Stat. 984, 25 U.S.C. §§ 476, et seq., as amended, and is identified on the United StatesDepartment of Interior’s list of federally acknowledged Indian Tribes. 83 FR 34863-01 (). TheCompany is an arm of the Tribe. As an arm of the Tribe, the Company possesses all of the privileges andimmunities of the Tribe. The Tribe and the Company are entitled to tribal sovereign immunity and theyare not subject to state law. A. v. Lake of the Torches Econ. Dev. Corp., 677 F. Supp.2d 1053, 1061 (W.D. Wis. 2010) (holding that entities acting as arms of a tribe are entitled to tribalsovereign immunity).The complaint takes issue with the interest rate on the loan. The Company issues loans inaccordance with the Tribe’s Tribal Consumer Financial Services Regulatory Code and it is licensed underTribal law. The customer’s loan agreement provided that it would Trezevant payday loans near me be governed by the laws of the Tribe,without regard to the laws of any state. Due to its sovereign immunity, the Company is not subject to the laws of theState of California. The customer’s loan agreement complies with applicable law, and the Company’sservicing of the law has also complied with applicable law. As such, the Company will not be issuing arefund.

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