Internet dating for Nerds: wanting fancy throughout an inappropriate listings

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Internet dating for Nerds: wanting fancy throughout an inappropriate listings

Valentines time is just round the cornerand if youre without a special someone, online dating might sound like a viable option.

Armed with nothing but all of our shining characters and sensuous photographs, the PCWorld personnel got a look at a few of the Webs ideal (and geekiest) internet dating sites. Being sample them, we created a female profile (Sarah) and a male one (Alex), and delivered some messages observe what would get back to you. Heres whatever you discover.


Technical 2 Nerd: Simply click for full-size graphics. Nerd 2 Technical phone calls by itself a€?the number 1 place on the web to satisfy geeks.a€? They boasts over 200,000 customers, raising by about 6000 members monthly. The three amounts of membershipfree, a€?silver,a€? and a€?golda€?allows different amounts of communications. While a free of charge account lets you browse unlimited pages and receive unlimited information, your cant submit any out (except to paid silver people) unless you improve to a silver membership.

Technical 2 Geek has a matchmaking solution. Registering is actually quick and easy, and you do not need to address most of the issues straight away (however certainly can). An image can maybe not a profile requirement. Matchmaking inquiries consist of anything from a€?type of sense of humora€? to a€?areas of interest,a€? and similar geeks are sent to the a€?My Matchesa€? inbox.

As for whether youll in fact select geeks on this site, better, a quick look-through claims indeed. It will help, obviously, that the a€?areas of interesta€? all are geek-oriented, and can include solutions like a€?online gaming,a€? a€?Star Trek,a€? a€?Tolkien,a€? and a€?Monty Python.a€? The site itself is decently easy to navigate, though its very busy-looking (it appears to be a lot like a web site internet hosting site thats attempting to sell your some thing) and not as good to searching as many of the websites we reviewed.

Sarahs simply take: this web site is not truly limited to geeksit seems like just about everyone is on here. That makes me think a lot of the pages are likely out-of-date and/or not being made use of. Plus, it can take a significant amount of info to perform your own visibility.

Alexs simply take: Yeah, a€?geeka€? in this situation looks synonymous with a€?anyone who owns some type of computer.a€? Thats certainly not an awful thing, and neither is the surplus of attraction toys like video clip, quizzes, and real time cam; simply know Geek 2 Geek was a full-on social media, not just a dating solution.


OtakuBooty: Simply click for full-size picture. OtakuBooty is a component online dating sites and role social media. Title comes from a Japanese slang phase for a€?nerda€? (okay, their more of a derogatory phase), and focuses on a less traditional version of geekthe anime/manga/Japan-fan sort.

Registering is free, and get unlimited free of charge messagesyou merely cant consult just who delivered them unless you subscribe to a compensated account. Thank goodness, paid account is only $4 each month or $15 annually, and allows you full use of the site.

OtakuBooty keeps the nerd element alive in the website: on preliminary sign-up web page, needed sphere become marked with an invincibility superstar; on the repayment page theres a bogus a€?send hama€? option for a a€?recurring ham subscription.a€?

Sadly, this legendary nerdiness stocks to web sites layout. OtakuBooty is kind of like the Android OSa little too rough across the sides. The good news is that this will probably scare off the ungeeky type who happen to be reluctant to deal with something lower than a perfect graphical user interface. The not dating sites for Cuckold people so great news would be that there are simply plenty tabs. This site looks nearly the same as a negative wikiand hello, theres also a website wiki.

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